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Thermalito Schools

Picture day is coming to your campus soon! There's plenty of opportunities to get your photo taken, whether your child is an in-person learner or distance learner.

All portraits are taken with our "view first" portrait system.  What does that mean?  First, there are NO forms to fill out and NO money to send on picture day.  Just send us your camera ready student ready for picture day.  Second, you will be notified (via the email and/or mobile registered with your school) when your child's portraits are ready to view, usually within hours.  Third, YOU get to choose your favorite pose AND background online, and your order is shipped directly to you.  Way more choices, way more fun. See below for your picture day opportunities:


NELSON AVE:  March 2 & 4
PLUMAS AVE:  March 8 & 11 
POPLAR AVE:  March 15 & 18
SIERRA AVE:   March 22 & 25

If your teacher is Mrs. Clemens, if you are on independent study,
 AND for all Nelson distance learners - Or Makeups
March 10 by appointment - held at Plumas Avenue. Click below for additional opportunities:
Click HERE for NELSON Distance Learner appointment
Click HERE for PLUMAS Distance Learner appointment
If your teacher is Ms. McAvoy, Ms. Cantwell, Ms.Eagle, Ms. Holland, Mrs. Johnen or Ms. Anderson - Or Makeups
March 24 by appointment - held at Sierra Avenue
Click HERE For POPLAR Distance Learner appointment
Click HERE for SIERRA Distance Learner appointment