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OYSC Picture Day 2018

Hi Soccer Parents! Soccer Photos are going to be a little different this year.  Pictures will be taken IN OUR STUDIO by appointment (scheduled by your coach).  Here's the dates:

October 8, 9, 10, 15.  Appointments as early as 4:30 or as late as 7:50 p.m. and will be scheduled by your coach.  Please ask them for the details.

Here's some things you should KNOW & DO for picture day:

  • Fill out all PAPERWORK (order form & payment) PRIOR to picture day.
  • We are taking INDIVIDUAL photos of players that present an order form only.   If you're not purchasing, your child will still be photographed in the team photo.
  • If you're UNABLE to pay on picture day (lowest price) but still want to order later, please fill out a form and write "pay later" in the "total paid" box at the bottom. You may contact us later to purchase a package at the Every Day Price.
  • Send the form with your CHILD (some coaches may collect these in advance).
  • Arrive EARLY - 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to organize the team.
  • PARKING may be a challenge...plan for extra time to walk a block or two.
  • Please use CARE & CAUTION with you and your children when navigating the downtown streets.  Traffic can get a little cray-cray around here this time of day.
  • Parents are always welcome in our lobby, but in order to minimize chaos, only COACHES & PLAYERS will be allowed in the studio.
  • UNION SQUARE (next to Miners Alley Brewing) will open their gates for additional outdoor waiting areas during these events (just steps from our front door). There's lots of other things to see and do downtown as well.  Maybe make a night of it!
  • If your player CAN'T MAKE IT on the date your coach has scheduled, you may still have a individual portrait taken.  Please contact us directly to schedule.  Your child will not, however, be in the team photo.*

 Here's some helpful links and resources:

 If you have questions or need help:

  • Text us at 530-531-3484
  • Leave a detailed message at 530-534-3278
  • eMail help@creativeimagingcenter.com
  • or message us on Facebook 

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you on picture day!

* In SOME cases, an absent player or coach may be added into a group photo for a extra charge.  The absent party is responsible for paying the $45 fee prior to picture day and must be photographed within 7 days of the event.  Please keep in mind that no matter how skilled we are in "PhotoShop" this process may not render perfectly "believable" results.  This may also delay the delivery of packages for the entire team.  If being in the team photo is important to you, we suggest making arrangements to be here on time. If you can't, remember that your SportsMate photo includes both the individual photo AND the team photo of all the other players.  Thus, your player is still visually associated with the team, even though they're not physically standing with the group.